The Pride Pledge – launching with the Cornwall Federation of Women’s Institute

Over the last 15 years Cornwall Pride has been a shining beacon of visibility and awareness of the LGBTQ+ and marginalised communities across Cornwall; however, we recognise that while visibility is important, it will take much more to make our Duchy a better place for LGBTQ+ & marginalised people to grow up, live and work in our beautiful Cornwall. We are launching the Pride Pledge, as we ask all partners, supporters, funders, advertisers & sponsors to sign our Pride Pledge – a short statement outlining what it means to be a Cornwall Pride friend:

“As an Official Partner / Supporter of Cornwall Pride, we pledge our organisation, group or business will be a safe, welcoming, and friendly place for LGBTQ+ / marginalised members, staff, volunteers & customers.


We will visibly support and promote justice for LGBTQ+/marginalised people; have clear reporting mechanisms for harassment and discrimination; and challenge homophobic, transphobic, bi-phobic, misogynistic, racist and all phobic behaviour.


We will ensure our members, volunteers & staff are trained to understand the experiences of LGBTQ+ / marginalised people and how to be a proactive ally.


If you would like your organisation or business to sign up for our Pride Pledge, you can find out more (along with other means to support us) by accessing our Cornwall Pride Pack. For further information please email

We have incredible partners across Cornwall and beyond however we could not be prouder of launching our official Pride Pledge with our new partner Cornwall Federation of Women’s Institutes.

Comment from the CFWI: The Cornwall Federation of Women’s Institutes (CFWI) is delighted to support Cornwall Pride. For many years, the WI has had an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy, but a piece of paper filed away on a shelf somewhere isn’t enough. We felt we needed to demonstrate visibly that we welcome all women as WI members, and that all women, including members of the LGBTQ+ community, would receive a warm welcome at any of our meetings and events. Cornwall Pride and CFWI hold the same ideals of inclusion and equality, so it makes sense for us to partner and shows support for each other.

Cornwall Federation of Women’s Institutes
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