June is #PrideMonth in the UK and around the world and here at the Youth Fairy we are very proud to support and stand up for the rights of all LGBT+ families, parents, grandparents and young people. ❤️🧡💛💚💙
💪 We know that we are always stronger, better and prouder together!
💪 And this year marks a very special celebration as Pride in the UK is now 50 Years old!
The LGBT+ charity, Stonewall established here in the UK, published the “School Report- The Experience of lesbian, gay, bi, and trans young people in Britain’s schools” in 2017, with key findings that many found upsetting.
😔 Nearly half are bullied in Britain’s schools
😔 Including 64% of trans pupils
😔 50% hear homophobic slurs ‘frequently’ or ‘often’
😔 80%+ of trans young people have self-harmed
😔 60% of LGB young people have self-harmed
😔 40%+ of trans young people have tried to take their own life
Just 2 in 5 feel they have an adult at home they can talk to about being LGBT and the bullying that was found in the report took many forms and occurred by prevalence in this order:
😡 Verbal abuse
😡 Gossip
😡 Being ignored/isolated
😡 Intimidating looks
😡 Physical abuse
😡 Stealing or damaging belongings
😡 Death threats
😡 Sexual assault
😡 Threatened with a weapon
5 years on from this report…
We hope that our young people feel safer in schools to be who they want to be, but there may still be work to do.
We know that young people are influenced by many things in their lives, first their parents and caregivers, their teachers, their peers, social media, music and television and that educating young people is the job of all of us.
So, todays blog looks at:
🧚 What is Pride month
🧚 Why we have it
🧚 How parents can help to educate their children
🧚 Ideas for book and TV programmes
🧚 Helpful signposting and resources to support
Grab a cuppa and take a read here: 👇 👇 👇

Penzance Pride

Ash: “I am still struggling to put into words how amazing Penzance Pride was on Saturday. I have struggled to attend previous ones due to locations being hard to acses on public transport so love the travelling pride this year. I know it must be alot of work. 
But back to the event. My face was beeming in all the press photos I stumbled on.   The feeling of love and safety in the community and the event. I may have come on my own but i wasn’t alone. 
Even when I got of the train I was accepted as a ‘safe person’ to others attending event who needed help getting there. 
You did amazing things for people. I talked to so many people and never felt alone during the event. I felt very safe when in the event. The security team need a shout out too as well as your volenteers they all made such an effort to ensure it was a fun filled day. Sorry just rambling now. 
Thank you from a neuro divergent, non binary, pansexual who found a safe space last saturday.”
Please DM your stories, we need your amazing feedback, check out the link in the comment! The survey is for the fab people attending Cornwall Pride in 2022.

Your feedback will be used to improve future services & your feedback is anonymous (unless you would like us to contact you). Cornwall Pride – Onen hag oll (One and All)

We are stronger together, and remember to Love Who You Want To Love and Be Who You Want To Be!

Newquay Pride
Bhavna: “Cornwall Pride made me cry today. A lot. But in a good way. As I sat listening the amazing line up of artists a bunch of kids and young people draped in all different flags came to the open bit and started dancing with dare I say it, gay abandon! My inner little 9 year old wanted to join them so badly but I couldn’t – just think of the headlines!
It made me think of how far we’ve come that little ones are a little bit more freer to get involved in Pride events than I could have as a child. I remember being threatened with my life by my mum. I cried for my little self, first it was a little tear, and by the time the singer – Benji got to Dancing Queen, I LOST it. That’s my song. One of the first my 9 year old self heard when we came to the UK. I LOVE THAT SONG. I dream of dancing with my future wife to that one day. I want that more than I can say.
Luckily Matthew – popped up and I went to the dance floor and hugged him and sobbed my deep gratitude. To him, Nathaniel and the whole Cornwall Pride crew and sponsors, my heartfelt thanks. I sat and thought of the journey I’ve had since I came out 18 years ago. So much heartache, disappointment, rejection, pain. Just because I love women.
So many people in the LGBTQ community have experienced the same that sometimes I wonder if we aren’t all damaged beyond repair? Will I ever experience a normal relationship with a partner who hasn’t got a billion ‘issues’ or self loathing?
This is not a pity party post. I’m sitting in my beautiful garden in CORNWALL!! Listening to ABBA, eating giant Monster Munch with Rattler Pear Cider. My heart is at peace, my tongue is writing a letter of complaint. Today feels like a huge end of the longest mourning period. A realisation that the world IS my oyster and I AM happy as I am. I don’t NEED anyone. I AM completely complete and happy. And I have PEACE! I’m very glad I went to Pride today. I hope I can make it to LONDON pride in July! That would be AMAZING way to celebrate 50 years on the planet at the end of this month!
All is well. Blessed beyond belief!”
Please DM your stories, we need your amazing feedback, check out the link in the comment! The survey is for the fab people attending Cornwall Pride in 2022.

Your feedback will be used to improve future services & your feedback is anonymous (unless you would like us to contact you). Cornwall Pride – Onen hag oll (One and All)

We are stronger together, and remember to Love Who You Want To Love and Be Who You Want To Be

Penzance Pride

Kit’s Mum: “I really wanted to share this with you to make you aware of the impact today has had…. This is my son Kit, he is 15. He has been unwell for about 2 years which has included many hospital and tier 4 unit stays. Aside from his mental health, Kit has Autism and Tourettes Syndrome. Since being discharged from hospital in March he has been out of the house only twice, and for short periods. Today he desperately wanted to come to Penzance Pride but felt too anxious. We compromised with his anxiety and drove past in the car a few times. Kit then asked to get out of the car and we spent almost 2 hours walking up and down the prom. He bought a necklace and a new flag. Kit said this…”

Kit: “I was so anxious but it all went away when I got there. I felt safe there.”
Kit’s Mum: “He’s planning to come to another one and is already planning his make up and outfit. It’s like looking at the Kit I know and love, who loves being alive and celebrates who he is.”
Please DM your stories, we need your amazing feedback, check out the link in the comment! The survey is for the fab people attending Cornwall Pride in 2022.

Your feedback will be used to improve future services & your feedback is anonymous (unless you would like us to contact you). Cornwall Pride – Onen hag oll (One and All)

We are stronger together, and remember to Love Who You Want To Love and Be Who You Want To Be

The Pride Pledge – launching with the Cornwall Federation of Women’s Institute

Over the last 15 years Cornwall Pride has been a shining beacon of visibility and awareness of the LGBTQ+ and marginalised communities across Cornwall; however, we recognise that while visibility is important, it will take much more to make our Duchy a better place for LGBTQ+ & marginalised people to grow up, live and work in our beautiful Cornwall. We are launching the Pride Pledge, as we ask all partners, supporters, funders, advertisers & sponsors to sign our Pride Pledge – a short statement outlining what it means to be a Cornwall Pride friend:

“As an Official Partner / Supporter of Cornwall Pride, we pledge our organisation, group or business will be a safe, welcoming, and friendly place for LGBTQ+ / marginalised members, staff, volunteers & customers.


We will visibly support and promote justice for LGBTQ+/marginalised people; have clear reporting mechanisms for harassment and discrimination; and challenge homophobic, transphobic, bi-phobic, misogynistic, racist and all phobic behaviour.


We will ensure our members, volunteers & staff are trained to understand the experiences of LGBTQ+ / marginalised people and how to be a proactive ally.


If you would like your organisation or business to sign up for our Pride Pledge, you can find out more (along with other means to support us) by accessing our Cornwall Pride Pack. For further information please email info@cornwallpride.org

We have incredible partners across Cornwall and beyond however we could not be prouder of launching our official Pride Pledge with our new partner Cornwall Federation of Women’s Institutes.

Comment from the CFWI: The Cornwall Federation of Women’s Institutes (CFWI) is delighted to support Cornwall Pride. For many years, the WI has had an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy, but a piece of paper filed away on a shelf somewhere isn’t enough. We felt we needed to demonstrate visibly that we welcome all women as WI members, and that all women, including members of the LGBTQ+ community, would receive a warm welcome at any of our meetings and events. Cornwall Pride and CFWI hold the same ideals of inclusion and equality, so it makes sense for us to partner and shows support for each other.

Cornwall Federation of Women’s Institutes
01872 272843

We are excited to bring the Pride Tour back to Cornwall, where our amazing local towns have supported us coming to you, where everyone with the support of their friends and families can enjoy Come Out For Cornwall Pride 2021, in the safest possible, please see times and locations above. 

Come Out For Cornwall Pride 2021

With you, we can have Cornwall Pride shine as a positive message of Love and Kindness supporting our entire community with the only Pride Tour in the World; Come Out For Cornwall Pride 2021

We are excited to tell you that with your help we believe it can happen with 2 days of the Bus Tour in July 2021, for full details see the timetables:

  • Saturday Falmouth, Helston, Porthleven, Penzance, St Ives, Hayle, Camborne, Redruth,  Perranporth & a main PRIDE event in TRURO
  • Sunday: Padstow, Wadebridge, Bodmin, Jamaica Inn, Launceston, Callington, Saltash, Liskeard, Lostwithiel & a main PRIDE event in ST AUSTELL

Come Out For Cornwall Pride (Tour)

Cornwall Pride Bus Tour will have local entertainment, community organisations, local and national activists and the Biggest Pride Flag in the UK.

To achieve all of this in the safest way, the event will have registered volunteers, crew and entertainment who will join us for the entire event. We have a robust safety plan, with socially distanced system, alongside other measures that could be required, to ensure we always have the highest standards.

Huge thanks to our a MASSIVE list of partners and sponsors across the whole of Cornwall to support Cornwall Pride:

RCH NHS Trust IWL Staff Benefits, Cornwall By Kernow, Impact, Newquay Town Council, Newquay BID, Cornwall Fire and Rescue, Devon & Cornwall Police, The CHAOS Group, GMB union, All Terrain Training, Towergate Insurance, Pets At Home, Exeter Uni, ASDA, Imerys,

AND……………………. The CORNWALL PRIDE TOUR is brought to you by all of CORNWALL:

All the Towns and the City of Cornwall STANDING up in solidarity for communities! We thank you for you partnership and funding: St Austell BID. Truro City Council, Truro BID, Penzance BID, Penzance Town Council, Falmouth Town Council, Helston Town Council, St Ives Town Council, Hayle Town Council, Camborne Town Council, Redruth Town Council, Wadebridge Town Council, Bodmin Town Council, Launceston Town Council, Saltash Town Council, Liskeard Town Council,  Brian Etherington’s, & the Comic Relief Metro Charity LGBTQ+ recovery Fund

Thank you from us to you to help us come to you: Porthleven Town Council, Perranzabuloe Parish Council, Padstow Town Council, Callington Town Council & Lostwithiel Town Council.

Chair of Cornwall Pride Matthew Kenworthy Gomes:

With even more acts, speakers, and many different activities including bringing our Cornwall Pride stage to some of the locations. This is our opportunity to come back together to live, laugh, celebrate & bring a very real stand in #solidarity for all marginalised people in our community and bring all communities together. Within our LGBTQ+ community and beyond. As we together share Cornwall Pride’s values.”

#LoveWhoYouWantToLove #BeWhoYouWantToBe

For media queries please email: info@cornwallpride.org


Come and join us for our spectacular TWO days.  This has not seen anywhere in the world and no one has ever attempted this type of project for Pride! So this year we are doing it!

THE WORLD’S only, Pride on Tour!!!

#ComeOutForCornwallPride with First Kernow are taking Cornwall Pride, with other amazing organisations and putting on 18 Pride events and the Largest PRIDE FLAG in UK to a CORNISH town near you!!

West Cornwall 21st June and East Cornwall 22nd June.

Click interested/going in the Facebook event to keep updated!!!!
Come Out For Cornwall Pride FACEBOOK EVENT

Come and join us for the spectacular 18 Pride events in TWO days across
West Cornwall 21st June and East Cornwall 22nd June.

INCLUDING two, LARGER Mini Pride events
21st June Friday afternoon Truro, Cornwall
22nd June Saturday afternoon Saint Austell, Cornwall



Our celebration of Pride month and the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, will see us embark on a bus tour like no other, bringing a pop-up Pride to most of the major towns in Cornwall in TWO days!

With your opportunity to join us on the bus and also join us in your town to catch up with amazing entertainment, charities and Cornwall Pride, COME OUT FOR LGBTQ+.
We have partnered with First Kernow, Pirate FM, Eden Project, Stonewall, SafeHaven, Intercom Trust, and more to bring you:

COME OUT FOR CORNWALL PRIDE, to help build a larger support network for LGBTQ+ communities throughout Cornwall with an opportunity to be part of pride.