Cornwall Pride

The wave signifies the connection with Cornwall being surrounded by the sea


The colours represent a fade from blue sky to a sunset


The faint line throughout the text signifies the line of the horizon and fits with the sunset theme


The font has been chosen to reflect the smooth transition throughout the logo

Everything has changed!

2017 sees the 10th year of Cornwall Pride!  Where has the time gone?

Cornwall Pride has become an established event in the county’s calendar, and is the biggest diversity event of it’s kind in Cornwall.  This year there is a massive twist as we have become a Community Interest Company, and formalised all of the functions of the company, to bring a more cohesive brand to Cornwall.

We have been working with many groups throughout the county to create a culture of ‘working together’ and so that we can all help each other publicise what is happening in Cornwall for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans communities.

Throughout the year there will be events running in towns across Cornwall and we are looking for more venues and events to come on board to really show that Cornwall is a truly inclusive and accepting place to visit work and live.

Our new logo is exciting!  If you click on the ‘hotspots’ on the picture above, it will explain what the logo stands for and why:

  • The wave at the beginning signifies that Cornwall is surrounded by the sea and also shows inclusion with its sweep around the letters.
  • The colours represent a fade from blue to yellow signifying the sunset as well as incorporating most colours of the rainbow.
  • The faint line through the middle signifies the horizon and continues the sunset theme.
  • The font shows a smooth transition through the logo and a modern feel.

What else has changed?

The venue has also changed this year.  We will be holding the afternoon event, that we have named “Rainbow Fest” at the killacourt in Newquay.  It will be a hub of social interaction, organisational stall, food and drink as well as live entertainment.  And all of this with a breathtaking view of the sea!

Read more about Rainbow Fest here

The evening event has also changed and will be held at Tall Trees in Newquay.  We have named the event “Moonbow Party”, (a rainbow but at night! get it……).   Moonbow Party will run until 3am and we are working on laying on buses (at a cost of course) to help people get to and from home and the party.

Why Newquay and not Truro?

Truro has been amazing to Cornwall Pride over the years, and Pride needs to rise to be on the national stage.  Although Truro is an amazing place, we have started to outgrow the park and logistics of the event meant that people didn’t necessarily know that Pride was actually holding an event.  We have also been able to work really closely with Newquay Town Council and other authorities to make 2017’s Pride bigger, better, more colourful and above all, more fun.

We would like to say a massive thank you to Truro for having our events for the last 9 years, and who know, we may return in the future!

How can you get involved?

We have a directorship and a working group, and we are always looking for volunteers to help improving Pride.  In our ‘Get Involved’ section on our website you will be able to connect with us if you are interested in working with us.

So all that remains is to say….. Here’s to the 10th Cornwall Pride…. Come along and join in the fun!