Friends of Town Plaque

Friends of Town Plaques for all people, digital signposting wellbeing support and designated safe spaces: ‘Friends of Town’ plaques provide a public declaration of inclusivity and a stand against prejudice to highlight safe spaces.

Each plaque has a QR code that takes the scanner to a tab on the Cornwall Pride website where they will find links for urgent crisis support and information as well as all local mental health and well-being services.

We invite members of the project to display their physical plaque at their business premises in a visible location such as a front window. By joining the ‘Friends of Town Project’ you are agreeing to the Pride Pledge which we would encourage you to use within your company policies using accompanying documentation supplied by Cornwall Pride.

“We pledge our organisation, group or business will be a safe, welcoming, and friendly place for LGBTQ+ / marginalised members, staff, volunteers & customers.

We will visibly support and promote justice for LGBTQ+/marginalised people; have clear reporting mechanisms for harassment and discrimination; and challenge homophobic, transphobic, bi-phobic, misogynistic, racist and all phobic behaviour.

We will ensure our members, volunteers & staff are trained to understand the experiences of LGBTQ+ / marginalised people and how to be a proactive ally.”

St Austell Brewery
Transport For Cornwall
Devon and Cornwall Police
Cornwall Fire & Rescue
SU Pride Society
NHS Cornwall Partnership
Eden Project

Official Cornwall Pride Partners