Penguin Soup

penguin soup

What is Penguin Soup?

Penguin Soup provides safe and inclusive spaces for members of the queer community and allies across the whole of Cornwall to come together. Our aim is to reduce isolation and disenfranchisement, increasing access to mental health
support and decreasing risks of poor mental health within the community.

Why Penguin Soup?

Out of all the species of birds, Penguins are one of the most sociable. All species of Penguins are colonial, which means they live and thrive in groups, but they can choose to be more solitary, especially when hunting for food. As for the soup part, we took inspiration from an old European folk tale called ‘Stone Soup’, in which hungry strangers convince a town of people to share a small amount of food from their homes to make a meal that everyone enjoys; demonstrating the value of sharing to create an overall, more caring and mindful community (or what we call like to call ‘good soup’).

5 Facts About Penguins

  • Giant penguins once roamed the planet.
  • The world’s smallest penguin stands just over 30cm high.
  • You’ll only find wild penguins in the South Hemisphere.
  • Penguins’ black and white ‘tuxedo’ helps them avoid predators.
  • Penguins use some clever tricks, like ‘porpoising’ and ‘tobogganing’ to help them move faster.


What’s Your Recipe For Good Soup?

What kind of soup do you want to make? There are lots of ingredients that make a good soup… for example, there’s tasty ingredients like: trust, honesty, encouragement, empathy, collaboration, and support. Let’s work together and make a delicious soup for all to enjoy!!

Who Runs Penguin Soup?

Penguin Soup is run by Cornwall Pride’s community. If you want to get in contact, be sure to drop us an email at:

Connecting With Us Online


St Austell Brewery
Transport For Cornwall
Cornwall Council
Falmouth University
Newquay Council
Eden Project
Penwith College

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