Penzance Pride

01 June 2024
11am - 6pm

Penzance Pride takes place at:

Penzance Promenade

Along the seafront west of the lido. ///project.seeing.organ

Travel to Pride through our main travel partner Transport for Cornwall. Getting a train? Please see GWR website.

Celebrating Penzance Pride in style with members of our LGBTQ+ community

Penzance Pride is FREE
Everyone is welcome
No ticket is needed

Our partners make Penzance Pride possible and help keep it free. Thank you.

NHS Cornwall Partnership
Truro City Council
Cornwall Council
Penwith College
Falmouth Town Council

Penzance Pride March

At 12 noon on the 01 June 2024, Pride will march through the town centre of Penzance with the world’s largest Pride flag.

The march will begin at Market Jew Street by Peacocks and finish at on the Promenade. Please gather at the start from 11:45am onwards.

Cornwall Pride Volunteer Marshals will line the march route along Market Jew Street turning left down Chapel Street to Western Promenade Road. The march will take approximately 30 minutes.

Members of the public are welcome to join the march on the day on foot but if you would like to take part in the march with a vehicle (such as a fire engine or a police car) please contact us in advance to arrange this.

The march can get very crowded and lively but it is good fun. There will be music and celebration as we march to show support for LGBTQ+ people in Penzance , Cornwall and around the world.

Volunteer Cornwall Pride Marshals and the Police will be available to provide assistance during the march.

The march aims to be civil, peaceful, safe and enjoyable for all. We are pleased to welcome a number of local organisations and their representatives who will be marching together with Cornwall Pride showing their love and support.

Market Jew Street by Peacocks

Penzance Pride March begins at the Market Jew Street by Peacocks at 12 noon. Gather from 11:45am onwards.

Key Points

  • Starts at 12 noon
  • Lasts approximately 30 minutes
  • Slow walking pace
  • All welcome to join on foot
  • Atmosphere of celebration and unity
  • Volunteer marshals and police officers on hand to assist

Organisations Marching at Penzance Pride

Show Your Support

Pride is colourful and joyful and you can show your support by wearing colourful clothing, waving a flag or by decorating your face with rainbow makeup for example.

There are a variety of LGBTQ+ flags that represent different identities and orientations and if you would like to show your support for a specific one, we have written a handy guide to the LGBTQ+ flags.

Some people really go to town and decorate their hats, wear angel wings or throw on a gorgeous sparkly dress but do whatever makes you feel right and most comfortable. Pride in Falmouth is a Safe Space for everyone.

Keep Cornwall Pride Free - Shop to Support

Cornwall Pride have a huge range of pride flags to purchase online in advance of the march and celebration so why not get totally Pride ready and have your rainbow gear handy.

We have also designed a gorgeous range of Cornwall Pride T-shirts.

Every purchase supports Falmouth Pride and helps keep the event free today and for future generations. Thank you.

Penzance’s Pride Celebration

Join us at Penzance Promenade any time from 12:30 as the Pride march finishes and the Pride celebration begins.

Penzance’s Pride celebration features a performance stage with live entertainment all afternoon and into the evening.

There will be live singers, comedians, dancers and more. We have sourced a range of LGBTQ+ supportive acts from across Cornwall and beyond to help us make Penzance Pride special.

You’ll see drag queens and drag kings, fabulous cabaret singers and live musicians too.

All of Penzance’s entertainment will be family friendly.

An all day bar is available for those aged 18 and over. Food and drink retailers will also be providing refreshments through the day.

You are welcome to bring your own food and soft drinks into the celebration but supporting our bar and vendors supports the event and helps keep it free.

Cornwall Pride will also be bringing its range of Pride merchandise so you can stock up on flags, pin badges and all things rainbow for the celebration.

In addition to that, a range of Cornwall and Penzance based organisations are represented at Pride and will be happy to chat.

Support groups will also have tents at Pride to reach out and raise awareness of the services they have available to you.

If you need a break at any point, we are providing a safe quiet space hosted by our volunteer event marshals. No reason needed, just pop in and take a breath.

We can’t wait to celebrate Penzance Pride with you.

Penzance Promenade

Along the seafront west of the lido. ///project.seeing.organ

Key Points

  • 11am - 6pm
  • Live music and entertainment
  • Cornwall Pride shop
  • All day bar
  • Information stalls
  • Food and drink retailers
  • Family friendly
  • Free to attend
  • Safe / quiet spaces available

Organisations Exhibiting at Penzance Pride

  • Cornwall Pride
  • Transport For Cornwall
  • Penguin Soup
  • Pete's Ice Cream
  • Anima Floris
  • Agnes Snork-Maiden
  • Julie's Joyful Jems
  • RNLI
  • World Pizza
  • Craftables
  • UnSorry Apparel

Performing at Penzance Pride


Hosted by Matt Jameson


Vicki Vivacious

Nathan Stubbings

Kernow Drag Collective

Harley Jack

Public Transport

Transport for Cornwall is delighted to be working in partnership with Cornwall Pride to deliver transport to all events throughout Cornwall.

We encourage you to consider taking the bus, train or Park and Ride when attending events.

Opting for public transport not only alleviates the hassle of parking, but it helps manage congestion on the roads while reducing air pollution.

Striving for a cleaner, greener Pride for everyone across Cornwall.

For more information or to plan your journey visit

Cornwall Pride volunteer marshalls

Event Safety

These are our amazing Cornwall Pride event Marshals. They are all volunteers and they wear bright pink high vis jackets so they are really easy to spot!

If you need any help, we’ll be happy to assist.

Devon and Cornwall Police also support Cornwall Pride events and Police Community Support Officers will be available on the day should you need any assistance.

We also work with professional event planners to ensure our Pride events are operated as safely as possible with clearly marked exit routes and evacuation plans.

During the event you will notice our security team. These are paid security professionals who aim to keep everyone safe and can help you.

A zero tolerance policy is taken with abuse to anyone at a Cornwall Pride events and we encourage everyone celebrating Pride to do so respectfully of others. Alcohol is available at Falmouth Pride but should be consumed responsibly.

Transport for Cornwall busses


We aim to make Cornwall Pride events as accessible as possible.

At Penzance Pride we will provide:

  • Safe and level access
  • Accessible toilets with wide opening doors
  • A safe / quiet space
  • Bottled drinking water on request
Cornwall Pride volunteer marshalls
Transport For Cornwall
St Austell Brewery
Watson Marlow
Newquay Council
SU Pride Society
Cornwall Council
Falmouth and Exeter Students Union

Official Cornwall Pride Partners