Inclusion Training

“this is not a tick box”

Cornwall Pride's commitment to uplifting marginalised & LGBTQ+ communities does not just stop at our events, mental wellbeing support and social media campaigns. As part of our ongoing mission to foster acceptance and understanding, we deliver our Inclusion Training programme.

This platform serves as a bridge for outreach. Our Inclusion Training is a conduit for individuals and groups to better grasp the nuances and narratives of the marginalised experience. By doing so, Cornwall Pride continues to ensure that every story is heard, every voice is valued, and every individual feels seen.

Championing Inclusivity with Cornwall Pride's Training Cornwall Pride, with our longstanding dedication to promoting acceptance and inclusivity, meticulously tailored to foster
understanding and empathy for marginalised & the LGBTQ+ community. 

This commitment is not just in words; the resonance of our initiatives is evident in the increasing
engagement we have witnessed. Recently, there has been a surge in community interactions pertaining to the pressing societal concerns that marginalised & LGBTQ+ community faces.

Even in the latter part of 2022, countless conversations were sparked on diverse subjects relevant to our community with many organisations across Cornwall and nationally. 

Our outreach has expanded, mirrored by the growing number of allies and organisations aligning with Cornwall Pride's mission.

Our Inclusion Training, we anticipate not only supporting & educating thousands but also further cementing Cornwall Pride's position as an ambassador of hope and unity for all.

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