Message From the Youth Fairy

June is Pride Month in the UK and around the world and here at the Youth Fairy we are very proud to support and stand up for the rights of all LGBT+ families, parents, grandparents and young people.

  •  We know that we are always stronger, better and prouder together!
  •  And this year marks a very special celebration as Pride in the UK is now 50 Years old!
The LGBT+ charity, Stonewall established here in the UK, published the “School Report- The Experience of lesbian, gay, bi, and trans young people in Britain’s schools” in 2017, with key findings that many found upsetting.

  •  Nearly half are bullied in Britain’s schools
  •  Including 64% of trans pupils
  •  50% hear homophobic slurs ‘frequently’ or ‘often’
  •  80%+ of trans young people have self-harmed
  •  60% of LGB young people have self-harmed
  •  40%+ of trans young people have tried to take their own life

Just 2 in 5 feel they have an adult at home they can talk to about being LGBT and the bullying that was found in the report took many forms and occurred by prevalence in this order:

  •  Verbal abuse
  •  Gossip
  •  Being ignored/isolated
  •  Intimidating looks
  •  Physical abuse
  •  Stealing or damaging belongings
  •  Death threats
  •  Sexual assault
  •  Threatened with a weapon

5 years on from this report…

We hope that our young people feel safer in schools to be who they want to be, but there may still be work to do.
We know that young people are influenced by many things in their lives, first their parents and caregivers, their teachers, their peers, social media, music and television and that educating young people is the job of all of us.

So, todays blog looks at:

  •  What is Pride month
  •  Why we have it
  •  How parents can help to educate their children
  •  Ideas for book and TV programmes
  •  Helpful signposting and resources to support
Grab a cuppa and take a read here:   

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