Our Response to pride in London 2018 protest group

Our statement following the 2018 protest at Pride in London

The events that occurred at this year’s Pride in London only cement how united all LGBTQ+ communities must be and that all kinds of hate will not be tolerated and should be dealt with in an appropriate way.

Cornwall Pride is the biggest celebration of diversity in our county where we are proud to be welcoming to who all attend.  The original Pride movement received notoriety from the actions of Trans people in the wake of hate towards them. Cornwall Pride would like to say that people who identify as Trans will always be welcomed and we celebrate that there are so many people from the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans communities that are involved in all of our events.

Our parade this year will see us celebrate our 11th year by carrying our Rainbow Flag through the streets of Newquay in a colourful way to ensure that everyone is proud to be who they are and that our communities are not forgotten, along with those that came before us.  The parade will finish at the famous Killa Court where our afternoon event, ‘Rainbow Fest’ will be held.

This year we are proud to say that our friends at Safe Haven – Cornwall and Mindline Trans+ will be leading the parade and also taking part in carrying our Cornwall Pride banner.
Safe Haven – Cornwall are a group that support people involved with the Transgender and non-binary community, whether they are trans or non-binary, a partner, family member or friend. They provide a safe private venue for people to socialise, make friends, laugh and just be themselves.
MindLine Trans+ is a confidential  emotional, mental health support helpline for people who identify as Trans, Agender, Gender Fluid, Non-binary. 0300 330 5468 Mondays & Fridays 8pm-Midnight.

This year we have seen more people than ever before registering to take part in both our Parade and Rainbow Fest which we are extremely proud of.

We will take robust action against any disruption of our Parade or Rainbow Fest as our primary concern is the welfare and safety of all that attend.

Cornwall Pride is proud to be in Newquay and indeed Cornwall, where together we promote our diverse open culture where being you is accepted, making Cornwall a place of choice to work, live and visit for all LGBTQ+ communities and where hate is not tolerated.

Join us on Saturday 25th August 2018 in Newquay

Transport For Cornwall
St Austell Brewery
Eden Project
Falmouth and Exeter Students Union
Watson Marlow
Newquay Council
Truro College

Official Cornwall Pride Partners