People With Pride Meet Bhavna

Newquay Pride
Bhavna: “Cornwall Pride made me cry today. A lot. But in a good way. As I sat listening the amazing line up of artists a bunch of kids and young people draped in all different flags came to the open bit and started dancing with dare I say it, gay abandon! My inner little 9 year old wanted to join them so badly but I couldn’t – just think of the headlines!
It made me think of how far we’ve come that little ones are a little bit more freer to get involved in Pride events than I could have as a child. I remember being threatened with my life by my mum. I cried for my little self, first it was a little tear, and by the time the singer – Benji got to Dancing Queen, I LOST it. That’s my song. One of the first my 9 year old self heard when we came to the UK. I LOVE THAT SONG. I dream of dancing with my future wife to that one day. I want that more than I can say.
Luckily Matthew – popped up and I went to the dance floor and hugged him and sobbed my deep gratitude. To him, Nathaniel and the whole Cornwall Pride crew and sponsors, my heartfelt thanks. I sat and thought of the journey I’ve had since I came out 18 years ago. So much heartache, disappointment, rejection, pain. Just because I love women.
So many people in the LGBTQ community have experienced the same that sometimes I wonder if we aren’t all damaged beyond repair? Will I ever experience a normal relationship with a partner who hasn’t got a billion ‘issues’ or self loathing?
This is not a pity party post. I’m sitting in my beautiful garden in CORNWALL!! Listening to ABBA, eating giant Monster Munch with Rattler Pear Cider. My heart is at peace, my tongue is writing a letter of complaint. Today feels like a huge end of the longest mourning period. A realisation that the world IS my oyster and I AM happy as I am. I don’t NEED anyone. I AM completely complete and happy. And I have PEACE! I’m very glad I went to Pride today. I hope I can make it to LONDON pride in July! That would be AMAZING way to celebrate 50 years on the planet at the end of this month!
All is well. Blessed beyond belief!”
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