Penzance Pride

Ash: “I am still struggling to put into words how amazing Penzance Pride was on Saturday. I have struggled to attend previous ones due to locations being hard to acses on public transport so love the travelling pride this year. I know it must be alot of work. 
But back to the event. My face was beeming in all the press photos I stumbled on.   The feeling of love and safety in the community and the event. I may have come on my own but i wasn’t alone. 
Even when I got of the train I was accepted as a ‘safe person’ to others attending event who needed help getting there. 
You did amazing things for people. I talked to so many people and never felt alone during the event. I felt very safe when in the event. The security team need a shout out too as well as your volenteers they all made such an effort to ensure it was a fun filled day. Sorry just rambling now. 
Thank you from a neuro divergent, non binary, pansexual who found a safe space last saturday.”
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We are stronger together, and remember to Love Who You Want To Love and Be Who You Want To Be!