Penzance Pride

Kit’s Mum: “I really wanted to share this with you to make you aware of the impact today has had…. This is my son Kit, he is 15. He has been unwell for about 2 years which has included many hospital and tier 4 unit stays. Aside from his mental health, Kit has Autism and Tourettes Syndrome. Since being discharged from hospital in March he has been out of the house only twice, and for short periods. Today he desperately wanted to come to Penzance Pride but felt too anxious. We compromised with his anxiety and drove past in the car a few times. Kit then asked to get out of the car and we spent almost 2 hours walking up and down the prom. He bought a necklace and a new flag. Kit said this…”

Kit: “I was so anxious but it all went away when I got there. I felt safe there.”
Kit’s Mum: “He’s planning to come to another one and is already planning his make up and outfit. It’s like looking at the Kit I know and love, who loves being alive and celebrates who he is.”
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We are stronger together, and remember to Love Who You Want To Love and Be Who You Want To Be