Our response to Social Media.

Following the fantastic evening at our Gala Diner and Re-launch, we have had time to look at all the comments posted on our Facebook page.

We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone for their comments. This truly shows how Cornwall’s communities can feel, being able to openly express their views and opinions, which we of course actively encourage and value.

This year’s move to Newquay is aimed at making Cornwall Pride bigger and better than ever before. There are many logistical reasons enabling us to achieve our goal, such as the ability to have a centralised venue, open to all as well as a dedicated venue for the evening event.

At the end of Pride 2016, a few people met (5 to be precise) and every meeting directly after that pride event was publicised on our old website. Our AGM took place and was circulated and publicised both on our social media as well as our website, although only 5 people attended. Those people felt an incredible pressure to make sure that pride went ahead and continued as without those people, nothing would be happening this year.

Yes, Pride has been a regular fixture in Truro since its inception, but despite efforts to involve as many people as possible, over the last few years the committee (that was) has reduced considerably to that state that only 5 people have been left.

Pride has always been constructed and run by volunteers, and that is amazing, although it has never been registered as a business or community interest company or charity. This, we felt, needed to change, to ensure that Cornwall Pride continued in the years to come, not only to provide a day of events for people to celebrate, but also to help interact and connect with local groups all over the county. Cornwall need to pull together to work in harmony and provide a collective voice to challenge organisations and agencies where needed as well as to make Cornwall a more inclusive and diverse place.

There have been specific questions asked as to “are the directors from Cornwall?” “have they been involved in previous prides?” and the answer is yes, indeed they have. If you have followed Cornwall Pride’s journey you will know that all 4 directors have been involved for many years, both in its organisation as well as its running.

We have been asked if directors have been ‘DBS’ checked. The DBS checks are carried out for people that are working with children and vulnerable people and focus on safeguarding and have nothing to do with finance, so at present there has been no need to carry this out.

Our move to a Community Interest Company is to ensure that finances are regulated and audited as with any business and that everything is transparent. There have been concerns raised from previous Pride’s where there had been an issue with the chosen accountant, and we would like to reassure you, that not only have we formed the company for the reasons already mentioned, but also to ensure that a totally separate accountant is appointed in due course to ensure that all accounts are accurate and true.

There have also been concerns raised about the move to Newquay and that it is not welcoming to LGB&T Communities. Some of this is based on previous experiences and some not. We would like to ensure you all that we have already had discussions with Newquay Town Council and the local Police who are fully supportive of the events taking place and over the coming months we will be meeting with them to help ensure that the events are as safe as possible for all to attend.

There may have been some confusion about the event being on the beach, but for this year, this is not the case. On our website, we clearly explain the parade route, the afternoon and evening event locations and what will be there. Please take the time to read through the website and if you then have further questions we are only too happy to answer them.

Change is inevitable and both logistically and financially makes sense, as well as to promote inclusion to all in a completely different place in Cornwall.

For those of you who are concerned about travelling to the event, this would be the case anywhere in Cornwall and with this in mind we have already started discussions with transport providers to facilitate travel to and from the events in August.

We would also like to say that all of the directors and working group, who have been involved in Pride for many years in Cornwall, have been consistently committed to facilitating pride to take place and have in put immense effort, both in terms of extreme amounts of time as well as considerable financial outlays, all of which have been done personally and for the good of pride.

We would respectfully ask, that you come forward to enable us to make this year and every following year bigger and better and a true Cornwall Pride for everyone. We cannot do it all alone, as we have done previously and need you!

Cornwall Pride for everyone. Onwards and upwards.
Kind regards,

Cornwall Pride