Support Groups in Falmouth

Here are a range of support groups based in Falmouth. Click on a group to find out more about them.

There are also Cornish support groups that operate all over the county as well as national organisations that you can access in Cornwall too.

Falmouth also has it's own Pride!

Falmouth Pride - April 27

Falmouth Event Square 10am - 7pm

  • Dracaena Centre (1)

    Dracaena Centre logo
  • Falmouth Yoga Centre (2)

    Falmouth Yoga Centre logo
  • Fox Coat (3)

    Fox Coat logo
  • Man Down Falmouth (4)

    Man Down provide informal peer-support talking groups all over Cornwall for men with mental health concerns.

    Man Down Falmouth logo
  • SU Pride Society (5)

    SU Pride Society logo
  • Transport For Cornwall
    St Austell Brewery
    Truro College
    Chaos Group
    NHS Cornwall Partnership
    Cornwall Council
    Devon and Cornwall Police

    Official Cornwall Pride Partners