LGBTQ+ Groups in the UK

Groups Nationwide

  • Shout (1)

    Shout is a free and confidential text service that runs 24/7

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  • Mermaids (2)

    Helps gender-diverse children, young people and their families

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  • Stonewall (3)

    Stonewall are a team of bold, passionate people fighting for the freedom, equity and potential of LGBTQ+ people everywhere

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  • FFlag (4)

    FLAG is a volunteer lead charity who aims to connect parents and families of LGBTQ+ people

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  • Mango (5)

    MANGO, is a pilot, trans-led, 12-week “Activism and Advocacy” online programme for gender diverse young people

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  • Intercom Trust (6)

    The Intercom Trust is a LGBTQ+ charity working across Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and the wider South West.

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  • Samaritans (7)

    The Samaritans provide 24/7 safe places for people to talk any time they like

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  • Outline (8)

    Outline provides support to people with their sexuality and gender identity

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  • Switchboard (9)

    Switchboard offers confidential telephone support for LGBT+ people

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  • Live Through This (10)

    Live Through This is a cancer support and advocacy charity for the LGBTQ+ community.

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  • Beaumont Community (11)

    The Beaumont Society are the largest and longest established transgender support group in the UK

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  • Gay Outdoor Club (12)

    The Gay Outdoors Club provide a wide range of outdoor and indoor sports and recreational activities for LGBTQ+ people

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  • Pink Therapy (13)

    Pink Therapy is a national directory of therapists who are trained in LGBTQ+, sexual diversity.

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  • Queer Surf Club (14)

    The Queer Surf Club is a community of LGBTQ+ surfers (and allies) from across the globe that is centred around creating more inclusive surfing.

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  • Galop (15)

    Galop works with LGBTQ+ people who have experienced abuse and violence.

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  • Micro Rainbow (16)

    Housing, employment and social inclusion for LGBTQ+ people

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  • The Mix (17)

    The Mix is the UK’s leading support service for young people.

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  • Better Help (18)

    The world's largest therapy service. 100% online.

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  • Young Minds (19)

    We believe every young person should get the support they need

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  • Proud Trust (20)

    the PROUD TRUST is the home of LGBTQ+ youth

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  • Proud 2 Be (21)

    Proud2Be is a grassroots user-led social enterprise that supports all LGBTQ+ people in Devon and beyond

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  • Mind (22)

    We're fighting for mental health. For support. For respect. For you.

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  • Mind Out (23)

    MindOut Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans & Queer Mental Health Service MindOut

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  • It's all about you wellbeing (24)

    Therapy and wellbeing for LGBTQ+ people in SW England

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  • Mental Health Swims (25)

    Mental Health Swims believes in empowering everyone

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  • St Austell Brewery
    Transport For Cornwall
    SU Pride Society
    NHS Cornwall Partnership
    Chaos Group
    Penwith College

    Official Cornwall Pride Partners