Towns with Groups:

Groups that operate all over Cornwall:

  • A Band of Brothers (1)

    Working with young men in the criminal justice system.

    A Band of Brothers logo
  • Brook (2)

    Sexual health services in Cornwall.

    Brook logo
  • Black Voices Cornwall (3)

    Working towards making Cornwall actively anti-racist.

    Black Voices Cornwall logo
  • Chaos Group (4)

    Chaos Group's Positive People Project.

    Chaos Group logo
  • Divas (5)

    Womens' Centre project for women and girls with learning disabilities.

    Divas logo
  • First Light (6)

    Supporting people affected by domestic abuse.

    First Light logo
  • Kernow Positive Support (7)

    Direct support for people living with HIV.

    Kernow Positive Support logo
  • Men Against Sexual Abuse (8)

    Therapy group for men who have been sexually abused.

    Men Against Sexual Abuse logo
  • Norda House Project (9)

    Residential refuge for men who have left (or are leaving) abusive relationships.

    Norda House Project logo
  • Sapphic SIS (10)

    Lesbian community for socialising, support and making friends.

    Sapphic SIS logo
  • Women's Centre Cornwall (11)

    Support for women who have experienced sexual violence, rape, sexual abuse, childhood abuse or domestic abuse.

    Women's Centre Cornwall logo
  • St Austell Brewery
    Transport For Cornwall
    Truro College
    SU Pride Society
    Falmouth University
    Newquay Council
    Watson Marlow

    Official Cornwall Pride Partners